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This essence leaves skin soft and hydrated for long periods of time. Prevents sebum build up by enhancing the skins natural barrier.

A series of moisturizing active botanical extracts are used in the ingredients to restore natural skin barrier. Resulting in supple and beautiful skin.

Our medicated cosmetics contains glycyrrhizic acid 2K, effectively prevents acne and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Active ingredient
Glycyrrhizinate 2K

Other ingredients
Purified water, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, chimpi extract, kanzo extract powder, shakuyaku extract, reishi extract, yokuinin extract, carrot extract, sohakuhi extract, taiso extract, yeast extract (3), sodium hyaluronate (2), sodium lactate, DL -PCA / Na solution, BG, arginine, carboxyvinyl polymer, Na metaphosphate, absolute ethanol, methylparaben